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What We Do

Music is an art form, every song tells a story. Let us help you share your song with the world through a visual medium. We create videos for our clients with one thing in mind, a unique video. Whether that be a performance concept or a narrative story.
Some of our biggest projects are short films as we spend months planning shooting and editing these seemingly small projects. They range from one to twelve minutes in length and always have a purpose, whether that be to make a statement, or to inspire thought in our viewers.
No matter the sport, no matter the level every sports tape has the same purpose at heart. To showcase outstanding talent in an innovative way.
Your business, your way. It’s your commercial, we are just here to help you turn your ideas into reality.
The most important moments of our life deserve to be captured, to be shared, and to be cherished. We strive to create a video almost as special as the moment.
From concerts, presentations, we offer an array of possibilities for any event.

Our Team

Blake Vermette
Cinematographer / Producer
Adam Yarish
Writer / Director
Jeff Kazuk
Camera AC / Gaffer
Jared Webber
Audio Technician / Photograper

Our Latest Productions

About Us

Vinyl Pictures is a Winnipeg based production company. We produce music videos, sports tapes, promotions, wedding videos, live events, and short films. We’re comprised of four friends united by their passion for video production and filmmaking.

Our Clients